I have been working steadily on the upcoming memoir and let me tell you – it is HARD work! The act of writing any full length book isn’t easy but memoir writing is an entirely different animal.

To write a memoir well means to relive your past and generally not the part of your past you’d like to relive. It’s painful. It’s messy. It hurts and it doesn’t get easier until the book is finished.

You may be wondering why I’m choosing to write this memoir given the pain it causes.

I’m writing it, because it is the right book to write.

Last Monday at the privilege of Keynoting “An Evening of Healing” an event in Plattsburgh, NY that brings together people who have experienced various forms of trauma to commune together in strength and resilience.

It was an honor to share my story and words of encouragement to this diverse audience.

After the Keynote I had many people talk with me about how my story resonated with them. How it gave them hope or helped them to view their life differently and more positively.

My story may be different from yours –because no two stories are the same. But any story of loss, confusion, hurt, trauma, self-acceptance and recovery is a story I believe people need to hear.

People need to hear real stories of strength and resilience and I believe mine is just one of many that can touch the lives of those who choose to read it.

This isn’t easy – but life really isn’t easy is it? If life were easy, I wouldn’t have an interesting memoir to share with you all.

This book is taking a lot of out of me and I’m having to ramp up self-care in order to stay focused and get it done ..but it’s the emails from people who feel touched by my story that keeps me writing – I will get this finished and share it with you.

As for now I’m about a quarter of the way finished with the book. I’ve had to rewrite the outline and make several revisions but I’m finally feeling like I’ve caught some momentum. I’ve also been in touch with a publishing company that is showing interest in my work. Current goal is to be finished by my birthday- December of this year.

In my normal newsletter fashion I want to leave you with a pearl –

Take time to care for yourself

  • Take your lunch break
  • Turn off your email, even for an hour
  • Go for a walk
  • Read a good book
  • Take a hot bath
  • Get a massage
  • Talk with your spouse/partner/children/friends
  • Dance in the living room

I believe all too often we forget the importance of self-care. As I’m writing this memoir, I’m ramping up self-care to combat the emotional drain this book is having on me. Admittedly, I need to get better at it and will work this week to incorporate more strategies.

If you have a moment please send me an email and let me know what YOU do for self-care – I’d love to hear from you!