11987214_455628491291827_1045508931661975818_n (1)Dr. Ryan G. Polly is a recognized thought leader, presenter, researcher, educator and author with nearly 20 years combined professional experience in organizational and leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and college-level teaching. Personal triumphs in the face of adversity have provided Ryan with unique insight into the complexity of the human experience.

Ryan’s entertaining keynotes inspire people to move through challenges and achieve genuine transformation. Modeling vulnerability and perpetual growth, he connects with his audience by sharing stories of failure, resilience, and victory. Ryan’s contagious passion for positive transformation leaves attendees feeling empowered to employ his tools and techniques in their personal and professional lives for lasting impact.

Ryan holds a Ph.D. in Transformative Studies, a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Health Education. He has numerous certifications relating to leadership and organizational development. He has been recognized as a Champion in Workplace Learning & Organizational Development by the Vermont Association for Talent Development.



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