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I write and speak about courage, resilience, and authenticity and help people learn from adversity, navigate change and uncertainty, and honor their uniqueness.

I would recommend Ryan Polly as a speaker in a heartbeat.  Ryan makes use of best-practice principles for effective adult learning when designing and facilitating workshops. He is well-prepared, engaging, addresses the learning styles of his participants and creates a positive and safe environment for learning.

Shevone Trevors

Health Promotions Specialist, Vermont School Boards Association

Ryan was entertaining, educational and a fantastic speaker. Our attendees had nothing but rave reviews for his presentation. He is a very energetic and interactive presenter. We were more than thrilled with him and will most definitely be inviting him back for future conferences.


Brenda JM Sabin

Director of HR Compliance & Payroll Solutions, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence

Dr. Ryan Polly was our Keynote speaker at the 9th International Conference on Hypoparathyroidism.  He was inspirational and engaging and successfully motivated our audience to take action towards a healthier and more productive life.  I highly recommend Ryan for any event and have invited him back next year.

James Sanders

President, Hypoparathyroid Association, INC


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